Discover the UKs most in demand jobs for 2021

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17 Jun 2021

17 Jun 2021 • by

2021 has started very much living in the shadow of 2020. The coronavirus and a national lockdown has meant that so far, life is very much the same as it was in the year from hell. But 2021 feels more hopeful and that includes job prospects. We’ve put a list together of the UK’s most in demand jobs for 2021, highlighting the roles that you could pick up during lockdown.

Warehouse Operative 

The most glamorous jobs aren’t always the most popular. Working in a warehouse might not sound like your cup of tea, especially if you’re new to the industry. But warehouse workers have been busier than ever during the last year. Online shopping is at a high, which means stock is moving in and out of warehouses at record rates. There are a considerable number of vacancies in the warehouse and distribution industry, and you don’t necessarily need to work on the floor. You could look at warehouse admin jobs or driving jobs. 

There are often no qualification requirements and only a need for transferable skills that you can deploy in the role. While salaries aren’t typically great to begin with, there is a good level of job security there because of the growth of the industry creating some of the best jobs right now. Once you reach supervisor or manager level roles you could open up the door to more high paying jobs.

Customer Service

Remember last year when we first went into lockdown and everyone had to cancel their holidays, but customer service teams had all been furloughed? Nightmare! This time around businesses are more prepared, and they’ve got their customer service teams working from home. Not only have businesses seen an increase in the number of calls per hour, but they’ve also been able to save money by keeping the office closed.

If you’ve got good phone skills and know how to sweet talk angry customers then this could be a great gig for you during lockdown. You can also take your pick from a wide array of sectors. You could work in travel, technology, online retail, insurance, or banking to name a few. Working from home is the biggest benefit here. salaries aren’t always great but there are sometimes incentive schemes and they are one of the jobs with the most growth. Overall making customer service jobs generally good careers.

Delivery Driver

Now we might be in a lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Getting a job as a delivery driver could take you all across the UK! I mean, realistically you might just be driving within a 2 mile radius of your local McDonald’s restaurant but I guess it beats being stuck at home right? 

Delivery driver jobs have been in growing demand for the last few years after many people forgot how to use their legs and drive their own cars. Too harsh? Of course we’re kidding! Who has time to pick up food for dinner or go shopping? Does anyone know where they would even start looking for half the stuff they buy if Amazon didn’t exist? Or who actually has a car that can fit a new IKEA sofa in the back? The truth is, we NEED delivery drivers for almost everything these days. So lockdown or not, this is one of the most high demand jobs in 2021 and there’s usually new local vacancies added daily.  


There’s a national pandemic, a deadly virus that can only be killed with fire (I hope) or with bleach and other disinfectants. But the latter is by far the least destructive. Thankfully there is a group of individuals who are armed with the power to kill Covid, and they are your friendly workplace cleaners. Working as a cleaner can be one of the most secure jobs and often allows you to work flexible hours making it one of the best careers to get into if you have a busy family life.

Whether it’s in a school, hospital, office, or warehouse, it is essential during these tough times that everywhere is kept clean and considered a Covid secure workspace. Cleaning jobs increased by 233% on Zoek in March last year when the pandemic hit the UK. Jobs in the sector have continued to flourish this year as employers contemplate a return to offices. If you want to make the world a safer place for everyone right now, there isn’t a much more noble cause than working as a cleaner.

Retail Worker

Retail worker positions were the most popular jobs searched for on Zoek in January 2021. A large number of people in the retail sector were made redundant or furloughed due to the lockdown forcing non-essential retailers to close. While some have managed to remain open, staff have stayed put due to the uncertainty created by Covid. This has led to a shortage in vacancies being advertised in the retail sector and therefore a build-up of demand.

The good news is that Boris Johnson has now announced a roadmap out of lockdown with shops being allowed to reopen in April. This could mean we start to see more retail job adverts popping up during March.