Waking Night Officer

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J&R Care Ltd are seeking 


Waking Night Officer

RESPONSIBLE TO: Registered Manager / Assistant Manager/Directors 

SUPERVISED BY: Registered Manager/ Director 

PROFILE: To be responsible to the Registered Manager as a member of the staff team for the direct night-time care of the children and other supportive tasks and duties.


MAIN DUTIES Professional Child Care Practice 

• To provide primary basic care and a nurturing, (therapeutic) environment 

• To be a positive role model for the child and encourage the child to develop meaningful relationships and attachments. 

• To contribute to the normal development of the children to enable them to reach their fullest potential by providing a safe environment. 

• To work with firm and consistent boundaries in order to create safety and containment for the children. 

• To work alongside the child to help develop a true sense of identity and feel of self worth.. 

• To be able to identify signs of distress or abuse, and to ensure that children are monitored and protected. 

• To be sensitive to the needs of individual children, taking account of race, culture, language and religion. 

• To talk and listen to children, and to observe their behaviour, and record significant features. 

• To be aware of the child’s rights and to work in an anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive manner. 

• To work effectively alongside shift partner and other team members to ensure the child develops in a caring and consistent environment/atmosphere. 

• To liaise, where necessary, with other professionals, i.e. schools, social services etc. 

• To help child to integrate into mainstream school and social activities. 

• To work alongside therapists to enable effective integration of care and therapy. 

• To work with child and prospective carers to ensure child’s successful integration into a family when placed. 

• To assist in preparation for reviews, meetings and attend when required. 

• To be a co key worker of a child 

• Ensuring that all children get to bed at the time agreed, including in some instances, reading of bedtime stories if appropriate 

• Checking the bedroom doors every twenty minutes and recording their observations in the child’s daily records book 

• Washing, Drying and Ironing of the young people’s clothes ready for the morning • To perform ad hoc tasks as and when required.


Please apply via email or head over to the website https://jandrcareltd.co.uk/


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