Development Manager

" The greatest leader isn ' t necessarily the one that does the greatest things. He is the one who makes the people do the greatest things. " These are probably the only words of advice I ' ll take from Ronald Raegan, but hey, it caught your attention, didn ' t it? The problem is, the weight of Leadership is often overlooked, and it goes unsaid that you are the velocity that drives projects forward. You ' ve had your fair share of experience in leading others, and as you ' ve grown and developed so have the team s that you ' ve taken under your wing. Your management skills have excelled in the last couple of years, and now you look to prove your effective influence with a new team, and new projects. If this sounds like you, please read on I ' m looking for an Engineering Manager that can guide some eager individuals to be successful in what they do. It will be up to you to shape their growth and improve their productivity. You ' ll oversee the work of multiple teams of Engineers and push them towards delivering high-quality software. Your co-ordinating skills need to be on point in order to manage delivery across the team. You ' ll be managing a multidisciplinary team such as p roduct managers / o wners , software testers developers, BA ' s and e ngineering team leads. Your effective communication skills (technical and non-technical) will influence the strategic growth of the business ' SaaS platform. Coaching, mentoring, and supporting are your three keywords. It is vital that you can collaborate effectively so that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and commitments. Your technical background isn ' t as important here; they ' d rather hire the person for who they are. However, if you have experience in AWS, C#, or TypeScript, this would be advantageous to you. Ultimately, I need a problem-solver, a communicator, someone who is on the ball at all times. This role requires the capability to adapt and switch context to keep everyone on board from various departments within the company. If you harness these characteristics, you ' d thrive at this business. As for the people themselves, they ' re providers within their industry with their HQ based in Nottingham. They provide an off the shelf SaaS platform that is currently going from strength to strength. They ' re a fast-growing business that have recently acquired a Belgian company, so they ' ve expanded their market from the UK to international quickly. They have also set up in Australia, and there ' s no telling what exciting plans they have for the future. It ' s quite clear that this business Is flying high, and with that in mind they need you to join them as an Engineering Manager to help them keep productive, organised, and efficient. The salary for this role is up to £70K, and this is obviously negotiable based on how experienced you are. For more information and details, or if you ' re looking to get stuck in then Yas is the chap that will make things happen What are you still doing here? Go

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