Alcester Grammar School


Welcome to Alcester Grammar School!

I am very proud to be the principal of this wonderful school. It is truly a unique and outstanding institution that offers a rich curriculum and a broad all-round education.

When you visit you will be impressed by our warm and purposeful atmosphere, underpinned by the dedication and talent of the staff and the enthusiasm of the students. As well as our focus on the intellectual achievement of each student, we are committed to enhancing their enjoyment and interest in the whole school experience. Staff give freely of their time and we offer a comprehensive programme of sport, music and drama, as well as numerous opportunities for trips and visits in the UK and internationally.

Our buildings and facilities are extensive and vary from the traditional to the most modern. But wherever you go, you will see us working together to provide a challenging and engaging learning environment so that each student has the opportunity to achieve his or her potential.

Clive Sentance

Good relationships are nurtured so that students are helped as they navigate the challenges of adolescence and mature into young adults.

This is a school that students and staff want to come to each day. Thanks to our high standards of behaviour, teachers are free to teach and students who want to learn are able to do so. As well as academic excellence, we encourage kindness, resilience, creativity, risk taking, personal and physical development, individuality and a spirit of enquiry.

At AGS we are serious about providing able students with the best education we can. Aspirations are high and it is cool to work hard and succeed. Above all, we work in partnership with parents to turn out “decent human beings” - future citizens who will be able to make a significant contribution to a tolerant, democratic and liberal society.

Do come and see the school for yourself!