Cheam School


“For the time of their lives”


Cheam is a very special place. Both happy and caring our school offers the brightest of learning environments to inspire. It is also the perfect place to grow - we know that the early years of a child’s life are the very best time to prepare the ground for their adulthood, and our focus at Cheam is on providing the most compelling setting for every child to thrive.

There is a ‘feeling’ about our school that cannot be engineered. It is an organic manifestation of an educational environment where opportunity is provided alongside reassurance, where independence co-exists with support, and where kindness is instilled alongside resilience.

It is this ethos that ensures our Cheam leavers, year on year, take happiness, confidence and emotional intelligence with them on to pastures new. Cheam has long standing relationships with some of the very best independent schools in the country, and we pride ourselves on guiding every child in our care to exactly the right next step. We help parents manage applications, pre-tests and the successful transition of their children at 13, delivering outstanding exam results and winning a wide range of scholarships along the way.

The way we see it, a child’s Cheam years aren’t just a stepping stone to a top public school. They are a voyage of discovery, a chance to discover their own essence of excellence, to develop phenomenal talents and to build the foundations (in both work and play) of the adult that child will one day be.

In a world as rapidly changing as our own it is impossible to predict what society will ask of our children in the years to come. What we can say with certainty though, is that an education that prepares a child for anything, that teaches them to be the very best versions of themselves, and that enables them to look ahead with confidence, and behind with pride, is both timeless and priceless.

Change is a relevant theme to end my welcome message, as it is in Summer 2022 that we will welcome our new Headmaster, Will Phelps to lead Cheam through the next exciting chapter in the school’s history. There will be opportunities for parents and prospective parents to meet Mr Phelps at various events during the year.

The Cheam staff and I hope that our website gives you a fleeting glimpse into a childhood spent in our community, but we know it cannot possibly show you how Cheam really ‘feels’.

For that, we’d urge you to come and see Cheam for yourself, and we guarantee you a warm welcome. Please see our Admissions page to arrange an individual tour.

Best wishes

Tom Haigh - Acting Headmaster
BA Hons (Birmingham), PGCE (Westminster College, Oxford)