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SANOFI unveils EUROAPI as the name of the new industry leading European API* company and appoints Karl Rotthier as its future Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                                                                        

  • The new company1 will be the largest API player in the European Union, with approximately €1 billion in expected sales by 2022
  • Karl Rotthier joins Sanofi as EUROAPI Chief Executive Officer and further lead the creation of this new Europe-based industry champion
  • EUROAPI will help securing significant API manufacturing and supply capacities that are critical for patients in Europe and beyond
  • An IPO on Euronext Paris will be evaluated for 2022 - subject to market conditions

Paris – January 12th, 2021 - Sanofi chooses EUROAPI as the name for the future leading European company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).

EUROAPI will represent the “made in Europe” API state-of-the-art industrial capabilities and technologies, with approximately €1 billion in expected sales by 2022. It will rank number 1 in small molecules API, and number 2 on the global API market2. Addressing recent increasing medicine shortages that critically impact patient care, EUROAPI will ensure additional API supply capacities for Europe and beyond, and help balancing the industry’s heavy reliance on API sourced from other regions.

Sanofi also announces the appointment of Karl Rotthier as the EUROAPI future Chief Executive Officer, effective January 18th. Karl Rotthier, 53 years old, is a seasoned leader with a strong API business experience. He was most recently the Chief Executive Officer of Centrient Pharmaceuticals, and had the opportunity throughout his 29-years international career in the Netherands, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Singapore, to also drive operational carve-outs and spin-offs.

Karl will lead the creation of EUROAPI together with the new company Management Team towards its growth ambitions. EUROAPI will employ 3,200 skilled employees and be headquartered in France. A planned IPO on Euronext Paris would be evaluated with a decision expected by 2022, subject to market conditions.

Philippe Luscan, Executive Vice President, Global Industrial Affairs at Sanofi, said: “We are very pleased today to unveil EUROAPI and welcome Karl to lead this future industry champion, as it gives further substance to our ambitious project. Sanofi is fully committed to the new company’s success, including by establishing a long-term customer relationship with EUROAPI and holding a minority stake of approximately 30% in it. To provide the optimal conditions for success, Sanofi intends the new company to be debt free in order to maximize its future investment capacities.”

Karl Rotthier, future CEO of EUROAPI emphasizes: “I am particularly delighted to join EUROAPI and look forward to working with my colleagues in creating an agile, stand-alone company, able to unlock its growth potential in a market sustainably growing at a pace of 6% per year3. Building on a strong industrial legacy built over decades and broad expertise and experience, EUROAPI would help secure a greater stability in supplying quality drugs to millions of patients worldwide.”

The project announced by Sanofi in February 2020, consists of creating a standalone company which will combine Sanofi’s API commercial and development activities with six of its European production sites: Brindisi (Italy), Frankfurt Chemistry (Germany), Haverhill (UK), St Aubin les Elbeuf (France), Újpest (Hungary) and Vertolaye (France). EUROAPI will have significant competitive strengths, including a broad portfolio of 200 APIs with both volume and niche products, high standards of quality and industrial means, competitive pricing and technologies across Europe, and will leverage an extensive commercial network covering more than 80 countries.

*About Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

Active pharmaceutical ingredients or APIs are the chemicals or biologicals which have a beneficial therapeutic effect in a medicine. These are the essential molecules used in the composition and the production of any drug.